Vann Rald

Human weapons dealer


Brawn – 2
Agility- 2
Intellect -2
Cunning -3

Soak Value 2/4
Wounds -12
Strain -12
Career: Black marketeer

General Skills:
Streetwise-1, Negoation-2, Deception-2, Charm -1, Mechanic -1
Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (warfare) -1, Knowledge (underworld) -2, Knowledge (outer rim) -41
Combat Skills:
Melee-1, Range (light)-1,
Special Abilities:

Money: Keeps a lot of credits in the bank but almsot none on him.
Armor –armored clothes.
Weapons – Blinged out holdout pistol.
Equipment: com unit, data pad, weapon tools

Obligations: Different criminal organizations
Motivations: Greed.


Vann has been on the purifery of the galactic crime syndicates since he was young. He works with and is loosely tied to many organizations, but is not a full member of any. This allows his to make deals almost everyone. This is a mixed blessing, it gives him freedom to operate however he wants but doesn’t give him the protection that full blown syndicate membership would give him.

He specializes in restricted and untraceable weapons. A lot of his inventory dates back to the Clone War era.

Vann Rald

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