Reaver Leader


Brawn – 4
Agility- 3
Intellect -2
Cunning -2
Soak Value 3/4
Wounds -17
Strain -12
Career: Hired gun
Specialty: Marauder

General Skills:
Leadership -1, Athletics -1, Piloting (Planetary) -1, Survival -2, Resilience -2, Vigilance -2. Coercion -2,
Knowledge Skills:

Combat Skills:
Melee -2, Brawl -2, Ranged (heavy) -1 Range (light) -1

Toughen x2, Feral strength x2, Frenzied attack, heroic fortitude, Lethal blow, Knock down.

Special ability:

Credits: None. .
Armor – Heavy clothing
Weapons – Slugthower pistol, Large knife
Vehicle: Skitter dragon.

Obligation: His group
Motivation: Be the boss.


Tri-Kill was born among the reaver tribes and has never been part of civilized society. He received his name when he was eight and he killed three men to be accepted by his tribe. He was always wanted to be a leader and has recently started a group with eight other reavers. They have stumbled over the abandoned Tsone homestead and used it as a base of operations.

When Leona Tsone returned to claim her homestead back Tri-Kill fought to keep his base.


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