Sin Diesel

Devaronian bartender


Brawn – 3
Agility- 2
Intellect -2
Cunning -3

Soak Value 3/5
Wounds -14
Strain -10
Career: Bartender

General Skills:
Athletics -1, Perception -1, Resilience -2, Streetwise-2 Charm -1

Knowledge Skills:
Xeneology -1, Outer rim -1 Underworld -1

Combat Skills:
Brawl -3, -Ranged (Light) – 1, ranged (Heavy) -1


Special ability:
Resilient metabolism.

Credits: Caries 20-40 on him, always has enough for change at the bar, he takes the bar profits to the bank each night, he sends most of his money back to his home world.

Armor –Armored clothes.
Weapons – 8 gauge shotgun (Modified, shorten barrel, pistol grip)

Obligation: Family back on his home world.
Motivation: Wanderlust.


Sin Diesel, like most male Devaronians, suffers from sever wanderlust. He left his home world after a tour in its military. If the rumors are true he fought on the losing side of the Devaronian civil conflict.

He created a series of bars on several different worlds. Usually he gets bored and sells them and takes off. His most current bar is called Inferno, at Shallow Water on the world of Oasis. Near the line between the of the Hutt and Correllian sectors. It caters to a clientele of mercenaries, hired guns and bounty hunters. He may be getting ready to move on, and this may explain his casual attitude towards firefights in his bar.

Sin Diesel

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