Mirlian Smugler


Brawn – 2
Agility- 3
Intellect -2
Cunning -3

Soak Value 2
Wounds -13
Strain -12
Career: Smuggler
Specialty: Scoundral

General Skills:
Streetwise-1, Charm -1, Mechanic -1 Piloting (Space)-1, Streetwise-1 Skullduggery-1, Cool-2
Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (underworld) -2,
Combat Skills:
Range (light)-1, Gunnery-1
Talents:Quick draw, Convincing demeanor,Black Market connections. ,
Special Abilities:

Money: Some but no else sees it.
Armor –
Weapons –Blaster pistil
Equipment: com unit, tools
Vehicle Lancer Pursuit ship named Her Wings.

Obligations: Owes loan sharks
Motivations: Greed.


Very little is known about the history of this green skinned smugger. She is know to run some of the shakiest deals on the planet Oasis. She does traditional smuggler runs but has been know to pull of heists to. She has an anarchist streak and hates the imperial authorities, not because of any political leanings, she just hates being told what she can and can not do.

She recently has run afoul of the local customs authorities, having recently raided a deal corrupt customs officials had with some Durros smugglers selling stolen weapon detection googles. She was recently attacked by three ties and a custom frigget.. Her ship was damaged and the three ties were destroyed.


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