Lona Tsone

Twi'lek Colonist.


Brawn – 2
Agility- 3
Intellect -3
Cunning -2
Soak Value 2/3
Wounds -12
Strain -14
Career: Colonist.
Specialty: Entrepreneur

General Skills:
Charm-1, Negotiation -2, Mechanic -1, Medicine -1, Pilot (planetary) -1, Survival -2, Coordinator -1
Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (Outer rim) -1, Knowledge ( Xeneology) -1
Combat Skills:
Melee -1, Ranged (heavy) -1 Range (light) -1

Grit, rapid recovery.
Special ability:
Subtract one setback dice caused by hot dry environments.

Credits: She has access t o family credits, but keeps little on her. .
Armor – Heavy clothing
Weapons – Blaster pistol. Homesteader rifle, Vibro machete
Equipment: Com unit, med pack,
Vehicle: Speeder trucks.

Obligation: Loyalty to family business.
Motivation: Family business.


Lona grew up on the Tsone homestead on the planet Oasis, not far from the city of Trog’s Landing.. As a member of the Tsone Clan, she grew up with an assurity of wealth but a strong work ethic. At eighteen she moved back to Ryoth to go to school, and learn the family business. She was able to raise to the rank of middle project manger at the age of 26

The Tsone homestead was attacked by Mynock-Co and all there were killed,. It was blamed on the Reavers but Lona was able to prove the attack was done by corporate mercenaries. .She lead of a team of hired guns first to clear out the Ravers who later took over the abandoned site and then held it against Mynock-Co assults untill Tsone Co Op could send reinforcments.

She now leads Tsone Co Op in trests from the old homestead site where she grew up.

Lona Tsone

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