Captain Y'han Christo

Human customs officer


Brawn – 2
Agility- 3
Intellect 3
Cunning -3

Soak Value 2
Wounds -12
Strain -13
Career: Imperial Customs officer
Specialty –

General Skills:
Leadership-1, Astrogation -1 Perception-3, Vigilince-2, Deception-1 Streetwise-3,Computer-1 Medicine-1

Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (Outer rim)-1 Knowledge (Underworld)-1 Knowledge (warfare)-1.Knowledge (Education)-1
Combat Skills:
Ranged (light)-1, Gunary-1

Talents: Advisaryx2,

Armor –
Weapons: Light blaster pistol.
Equipment: Data pad.
Vehicle: Customs Corvette The Denier.

Motivations: Greed


Christo was the son of a minor official on a rather unremarkable core world. He was taught at an early age to serve the government whatever government it was. He attended a local military academy and served a uneventful four year hitch on board a medical frigit. He served as a junior officer and was another cog in t he naval war machine, with one exception. He began selling medicines on the black market. At the end of his tour his underworld contacts suggested he transfer to the customs service to help in smuggling operations.

His criminal contacts gave him info on independent smuggler that he could board and arrest, that led to his rise as the captain of a corvette. He has hand picked his crew so they are as corrupt as he is. Recently he selling weapon detecting google to a group of Durros smugglers,, when t hey were attacked by freelancers. Three of his men were killed and all but one of the Durros were killed. He ordered his ship to escape the area after he bombard the warehouse district killing several civilians and doing over a million credits worth of damage. He was able to spin the event as if he was breaking up a rebel supplied smuggling rig and received an accommodation for his actions.

Captain Y'han Christo

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