Droid Bodyguard


Brawn – 3
Agility- 3
Intellect -2
Cunning -1
Soak Value 3
Wounds -15
Strain -13
Career: Hired gun.
Specialty: Bodyguard

General Skills:
Vigilance -1, Discipline -1, Cool -1, Athletics -1, Perception -1, Medicine -1,
Knowledge Skills:
Combat Skills:
Brawl -1, Ranged (heavy) -2 Range (light) -1

Toughen, Durable, Grit. Barrage x2.
Special ability: Unliving.

Armor –
Weapons – Blaster Rifle.
Equipment: Com unit, med pack,

Obligation: Serve Lona
Motivation: Serve mistress


BG-01X is a droid bodyguard bought by The Tsone Co-Op, to assist and protect Lona Tsone.It is pretty much an out of the box bodyguard droid (with an additional medical add on) It is brand new and set to factory defaults It is good at things in theory but often naive in real world situations.

The BG chassis is pretty common for bodyguard droids, in fact that the gun runner Rahl uses three droids that look just like BG-01X, but have inferior software, though they do have a linkage program that allows them to work as team.

BG-01X proved to be a sound investment and in the operation to regain the Tsone Homestead he eliminated several reavers and thugs that Mynock-Co sent to stop them. He remains on Oasis as Lon ’s bodyguard and the head of security for the homestead.


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