Syn Slezzstax

Falleen gambler



Brawn – 2
Agility- 2
Willpower- 2

Soak Value 2
Wounds – 14
Strain -15
Career: Smuggler
Specialty – Gambler, Recruit.
General Skills:
Cool -1 Vigelence-2, Deception 2, perception -1, Charm -1, Cool -1, Coordination -1, Pilot (space) -1, Athletics -1, Discipline -1, Survival -1,

Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (Underworld) -2

Combat Skills:
Ranged (Heavy) -1, Brawl-1 Ranged (light) -1
Conveyancing demeanor, Grit, Toughen, Up the ante, Basic combat traning.
Special ability:
Beguiling pheromones.

Credits: family is very wealthy
Armor –
Weapons –

Obligations: Family
Motivations: Was revenge for city that Empire destroyed, but now is just to travel and be independent.


Syn is related to the Slezzax family, which runs a spaceship modification company, and is rumored to be tied into the Black Sun criminal empire. She grew up in a life of privilege and wealth. She was sixteen when bio-plauge escaped an imperial facility, forcing Lord Vader to vaporized an entire city killing 20,000. Faleen. Anger ab out this grew inside her and eventual she joined the Rebel Alliance.

Life in the pre-Aalderan Alliance did not suit Syn very well. they were to disorganized, and she was always a risk taker but the odds of the rebels success was to much a gamble for her. She spent six months in the Allegiance, three months in training and three months in a rebel cell, that preformed five relatively successful missions, before she quit.

For a year she travel the space lanes as a griffter and gambler. She teamed up with the Belesorian Ziego, who turned her int the Empire as a rebel for the reward and also so he did not have to share the results of what he thought were going to be a big score. He family has hired a team of hired guns to break her out of Imperial custody.

Syn Slezzstax

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