Skorr Raggo

Zabrak bounty hunters working for slavers.


Brawn – 2
Agility- 3
Intellect -2
Cunning -3

Soak Value 2/4
Wounds -12
Strain -14
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialty – Operative

General Skills:
Cool -1 Perception-1 Survival-1, Pilot (space) -1, Mechanics -1, Streetwise -1, Astrogation -1, Vigelence-1

Knowledge Skills:

Combat Skills:
Ranged (Heavy) -1, Gunnery -2 Brawl-1 Melee-1

Overwhelming defenses, Debilitating shot, Grit.
Special ability: Automatic advantage on coercion checks.

Armor – Armored spacesuit.
Weapons – Blaster pistol, survival knife. Blaster carbine.
Equipment: repair tools, Medpacks x3, manacles x3, com-unit, repair tools, survival kit
Vehicle Firespray attack ship.

Obligations: Owes slaver cartel.
Motivations: The Hunt


Skorr started out in Zabrack naval mercenary unit, as a NCO gunnery mate, until he he killed an officer over a dispute. He fled to the fringe where he became a bounty hunter. Though he is a member of a guild and has current Imperial Peace Keeper ID, he mainly hunts high end targets for a slave cartel, such as good looking females, scientist or engineers. They have provided him with his ship. Despite his current employers he does have a form of honor and considers himself a hunter not a slaver.

He is a fair enough pilot, but has earned himself a reputation as a very good gunner. His ship is named The Bloody Zahboka, after a traditional Zabrak melee weapon.

Skorr Raggo

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