Shoc'a Conn

Twi'lek dancer at The Inferno


Brawn – 1
Agility- 3
Intellect -2
Cunning -3

Soak Value 1
Wounds -11
Strain -14
Career: Colonist
Specialty – Performer

General Skills:
Athletics – 1, Coordination- 1 Deception-1 Charm-2, Streetwise -2, Perception-1 Vigelence -1, Survival -1
Knowledge Skills:

Combat Skills:

Talents:Grit, Kill with kindness, Distracting behavior, Convening demeanor.
Spelcal Abilities: Subtract one setback die for hot and dry environments.

Armor –
Weapons -

Obligations: Fight against slavers.
Motivations: Hates slavers


Shoc’a was kidnapped by slavers on her home world of Ryloth five years ago, along with her best friend. They were trained to be dancers and where going t o be sold to a Imperial Moff, but the slave ship they were being transported on was attacked by a team of mercenaries hired to disrupt the slave trade. During the attack she was freed but her best friend was killed.

She now works as a dancer at The Inferno.She is a good source of information because most people just ignore the dancer if she isn’t dancing.

Shoc'a Conn

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