Nikios Kloon

Human Dibutante


Brawn – 2
Agility- 2
Intellect – 4
Cunning -3

Soak Value 2
Wounds -12
Strain -14
Career: Colonist
Specialty – Academic

General Skills:
Charm -1, Deception -1, Medicine -1, Pilot (Planetary) -1 Leadership -1, Stealth -1, Subterfuge -1, Computers -1
Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (Outer Rim) -1, Knowledge (Inner Core) 1, Knowledge (Education) 2, Knowledge (Xeneology) 1,

Combat Skills:

Talents: Well rounder (Subterfuge and Stealth), Grit, Resolve, Brace, Research,

Credits: Her family is very rich, she often has several thousand credits on her in the form of encrypted chips
Armor –
Weapons –

Obligation: Family duty.
Motivation: Have fun.


Nikios is the daughter of Lord Viscount Kloon of the planet Churba. Her noble connection has gotten her out of a lot of trouble that would have gotten a normal galactic citizen in jail. She has had to leave four universities in three years, because of her dubious activities.. The latest was when she got kicked out of Shallow Water Bio Science Academy for telling the Hutts she would make spice for them and sold them a placebo. She is actualy brilliant but at the best a lack luster student. more concerned with having fun and parting.

Nikios knew Reiki from the party circuit and at the best the two could be seen as adequateness, but when the young noble realized that Reiki had a ship that could get her off world and to an orbiting Imperial Class Star Destroyer that her father had commandeered with his title, the Pantoran became her best friend. After leaving Oasis she is beleived to have returned to Churba.

Nikios Kloon

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