Miggo Yuggoth

Ex-Academic Monk of B'omarr


Brawn – 2
Agility- 1
Intellect -4
Cunning -3

Soak Value 1
Wounds -11
Strain -15
Career: Colonist
Specialty – Scholar

General Skills:
Charm -1, Negotiation -1, Perception -1

Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge (education) -4, Knowledge (lore) -3, Knowledge (Xenology) -2 Knowledge (Inner core) -2, Knowledge (Outer Rim) -1

Combat Skills:

Respected scholar x2, Research x2, Grit,

Armor –
Weapons –

Obligation: Duty to the monks of B’omarr.
Motivation: Academic curiosity.


Dr Yuggoth was a human academic specializing in ancient languages. Although a concomitant scholar he really wasn’t a nice being. He was a glutton and was charged with harassing many of his female students. His obesity lead to a rare disease that there was no cure for. On his deathbed a mysterious stranger offered him immortality in the for of becoming a Monk of B’Omarr, basically installing his brain in a droid body, for help in researching ancient manuscripts. Yuggoth jumped at the chance.

His brain was removed and placed in a brain chamber to be taken to the temple of the Monk’s of B’Morr by Tanis Nightstar. Unfortunately the temple was destroyed by the radical anti-droid and cyber-tech cult The esoteric Order. Tanis recruited acquaintances Verlek and Reiki to help delver Yuggoth’s brain to a hidden temple in the Parlax asteroid belt.

As a Monk of B’Omarr, Yugoth is unable to pressure his two favorite pastimes eating and chasing women. Only the academic challenges he has in his new life keep him from regretting his choic e.

Miggo Yuggoth

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