Dr. Hugo Strange-Star

Eliom Cyber-Doc.


Brawn – 2
Agility- 2
Intellect -4
Cunning -2

Soak Value 2
Wounds -15
Strain -14
Career: Colonist
Specialty – Doctor, Cyber-tech, Gambler

General Skills:
Charm-2, Deception-2, Leadership-1, Cool -2, Medicine -2, Resilience -1, Astrogation -1, Computers -2, Coordination -1, Discipline -,mechanics -1, Perception -2, Athletics -1, Vigelence -1, Skullduggery -1
Knowledge Skills: Knowledge (education ) -3, Knowledge (Outer rim)-1 Knowledge (Core Worlds) -1, Knowledge (Lore) -1, Knowledge (Cyber-tech)-2.

Combat Skills:

Talents:Grit X2, Surgeon, Bacta specialist, Resolve, Toughen x2, Cybernist x2, Up the ante, Convening demeanor,

Armor –
Weapons: Light blaster pistol.
Equipment: Medical tools.

Obligations: Gambling debts. Compulsive womanizer, Owes mercenary team for rescuing him from the Esoteric Order.
Motivations: Get rich and seduce attractive female beings.


Hugo Strange-Star was once a respected medical doctor and cyber tech, but his gambling and womanizing has cost him his career. When he ran off with the chief of surgery’s for the hospital he worked at ,wife for a week gambling junket he was blackballed in the medical profession.

He ended up in the city of Shallow Water as a gambler and illegal cyber tech. He teamed up with Zieggo a Balaraian running scams and cheating in casinos. the two were caught cheating in a Harlgic casino and beaten up and kicked out. To add insult to injury Zieggo then drugged Hugo and sold him to The Esoteric order, a cult that is against droids and cyber-tech. He was rescued by Reiki’s bounty hunter team, when they were on the trail of Zieggo. Even though he had been tortured and was beaten he couldn’t help himself and tried to hit on Reiki, in the midile of the rescue. Though he had a bounty on him, his rescuers decided that having an ally with medical training was more valuable than the 1000 credit reward.

Though a very competent cyber-surgeon he has no cyberwear himself.

Dr. Hugo Strange-Star

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